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Meet your hosts.


Our new manager couple

Paul and Lisa Green, arrived 9th January at Matriki Beach Huts

and the Aitutaki Lagoon. After showing them the ropes 

the owners and creators of Matriki Beach huts, Matthias and Riki 

return to NZ for two more years to put their son Keegan through college.

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Visiting Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands for your vacation is one of the best vacation destination decisions you may ever make. The Aitutaki lagoon is as idyllic a place as you will ever find; many poets and writers have spun thousands of lines describing its wonders and beauty. Matriki Beach Huts was built on the foundation that all people should be able to enjoy this splendor without the high costs associated with such remote travel. Aitutaki lagoon offers snorkeling, divingfishing, whale watching, picnicking on beautiful beaches, sailing, kayaking, and much more. While snorkeling, you can view a myriad of colorful fish and see first-hand the giant clams of Aitutaki and the South Pacific; these clams are now protected in four separate reserves in the Aitutaki lagoon. Bone fishing is a thrill all its own - although we don't eat the fish they are truly a rush to stalk and catch. Fishing for pelagic species outside of the Aitutaki lagoon offers up Yellow Fin Tuna (Ahi), Dorado (dolphin fish), Wahoo, and array of jacks and snapper. Bring some of your catch back for the BBQ. At Matriki Beach Huts we practice fishing conservation - never kill what you can't eat in a few days, and never kill billfish.
The local Aitutaki scuba diving operators will safely show you some of the Cook Islands best diving; they are safe, reliable, and very knowledgeable. Matriki Beach Huts has hobies for hire, sail the Aitutaki lagoon and discover what all the fuss is about for yourself. Your hosts are always there to answer questions, take you on tours, sailing adventures, fishing trips, and more.


Dreaming of a Cook Islands vacation?

Aitutaki will fill your days with sun, sand, and beaches. Aitutaki is Known as the Cook Islands vacation island and offers up spectacular beaches, and crystal clear turquoise waters. Matriki Beach Huts lets you enjoy this environment normally reserved for the more affluent travel by providing Aitutaki accommodations at budget prices.

We are located on the same stretch of Aitutaki beach as the other more costly accommodations.

See what our guests have to say about a Matriki Beach Huts Cook Islands vacation!



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Paul and Lisa started managing Matriki in January.  They are an innovative couple as their self designed Matriki shirts show and they can't wait to show their talents at Matriki Beach Huts.



Come and visit Matriki Beach Huts and you’ll see why your hosts and the locals are always smiling!

























Join us for your Cook Islands Vacation!


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Matriki Beach Huts

P.O. Box 32, Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Phone/Fax (+682) 31564



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